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  • Tony Gill

Are You Sick of Ongoing IT Issues?

Like a persistent cough or muscle strain that won’t go away, many computer issues prove ongoing. Every time they come back you think about getting an expert’s opinion. Then the cough fades, you can walk freely again, or your computers are back up and running. You keep on going, until the next time. If you’re sick of ongoing issues with your computer, look to a professional IT support team for help.

There are many computer ailments that can negatively impact your ability to do work. Let’s consider some of the particularly common ones, and why a professional IT support team is the right prescription.

#1 - Network and Internet issues

Business is done online these days. Slow internet connections or not being able to connect to the network is frustrating. Without the internet, how can you do your job? You can’t even check or send emails! Let alone, access team documents or enter data into cloud-based accounting software. A lagging network also slows down application and data loading time. It may only be a few moments of thumb twiddling… but add that up over several times a day and multiply by employees. You’re looking at a decrease in productivity that adds up.

A professional IT support team has the know-how and expertise to survey the IT environment for what's causing these frustrations. When there’s a problem, they’re at the ready to resolve it and help improve reliability.

#2 - Repeated malware infections

This can mean a couple of things. First, you don’t have effective system and application protections in place. These attacks shouldn’t be able to make it through the door in the first place. With the right firewalls, anti-spam, and protections, you should be able to keep your system on lock down. You don’t have to do this yourself. Gain expert backup with a professional IT support team reviewing your security protocols to keep the bad guys at bay.

Secondly, educate employees about the dangers of social engineering. Don’t let them keep falling for the pretexts and downloading malicious files. Also, ensure passwords are strong enough to avoid adding another point of entry.

#3 - Printing problems

Many businesses are printing less today, but we’re not done with hard copies entirely. So, when a printer starts whirring, spinning endlessly, or can’t connect, efficiency halts. Know that printers sold at big box stores are consumer-grade quality. Avoid printer frustrations with solid business-class printers (which your professional IT support team can identify).

#4 - Application overload

Maybe some of your employees prefer Dropbox…others rely on their free Gmail accounts. This hodgepodge of options can cause chaos. Staff have difficulty remembering the passwords to all of the accounts they need. So, they simplify, and that makes their accounts more hackable.

Upgrading to business-grade versions of important applications is easier with a professional IT support team. They'll help identify the software that best addresses your business needs.

#5 - Aging technology

You’ve had your current computers for ages. They are slower than you’d like, but you don’t have the time to look for something else. Plus, you can’t imagine having to learn something new. You’re too busy. But aging tech is more likely to fail, which could prove catastrophic if you don’t have the right systems backed up.

A professional IT support team can suggest a plan of attack to update the IT and keep it secure. They can also provide backup strategies based on your individual business needs that prepare for the worst and recover quickly.

With Gill Tech Services, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you have a professional IT support team who understands your needs. To learn more or to schedule a FREE IT assessment, give us a call at 214-817-8060.

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